Community Survey 2020

Where does the next innovation for the European plant Engineering and construction industry come from?

Discouraged or the technology leader of tomorrow – how does the industry assess its innovative ability? As an industry insider, help us to sketch a comprehensive picture of the plant engineering industry in the areas of innovation trends, disruption potential, innovation culture as well as the influence of digitization.

Who is our target group?

Anyone who is active in the plant construction and engineering environment can participate. Whether you are purchaser, project engineer, head of R&D  or a scientific expert – in short, we want the study to provide a comprehensive picture of the plant engineering community´s thoughts on the subject of innovation. From our point of view, plant construction includes not only operators, construction companies or equipment provider, but also engineering partner, IT solution provider, financing partner and insurer.

How does it work?

As a participant in the community survey, you fill out our online questionnaire. It takes about 10 minutes. The survey is completely anonymous. At the end of the questionnaire you have the possibility to enter your contact data separately from your data in the questionnaire and to choose for which purposes we may contact you.

Incentive for Insiders of the Industry – Agile Implementation Training

Agile working is becoming more and more common in plant construction and engineering. Among the participants of the community survey we raffle 3 places (travel and accommodation costs not included) in our Agile Implementation Training. The 2-day training will take place in Düsseldorf and will teach the basics of agile working and implementation approaches in particular. To take part in the raffle, please leave your contact details at the end of the survey and tick the corresponding checkbox.

Publication of the results

The results of the study will be published digitally at and as a print version in June 2020. All participating companies will of course receive the study directly by email on request. At the same time, the results will be presented in the form of lectures at relevant specialist events, but also in a company-specific context. Feel free to contact us if a presentation is of interest to you. 

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Our Gift for You: Win an Agile Implementation Training with our Agile Transformation Experts!

All participants get the exclusive chance to take part in our agile implementation workshop.

Agile? Scrum? Isn´t that just a trend, that only works in software development anyways? We say no! In many of our last projects in the plant engineering and construction industry, we introduced agile working and created the corresponding processes and changes. The result? Radical lead time reductions, reduced costs and more satisfied employees and customer. Learn how to profit from agile working, when it can be applied and how it can be sustainably implemented.